Carrie Anne Huneycutt-Parker

Carrie Anne, a local performer and award winning/Drammy nominated costume designer, received her BFA: Acting from AMDA in Los Angeles. Stage credits in LA include The Laramie Project, Serious Money, Noises Off!, & Balm in Gilead; in Portland Unio Mystica(Muse), A Midsummer Night’s Dream(FUSE) & El Muerto Vagabundo(Milagro). Puppetry credits include national tours with Tears of Joy Theatre, Malika Queen of the Cats, Raven Stories & When Animals Were People. Film credits include “Andrew Jackson: A History Channel Special” Costume credit’s include: La Segua (Drammy Nominated), Angamazad, Desdemona(Broadway World’s Best Costume Design in Portland Award), Stupid Kids, Cabaret (also choreographed), Fiddler on the Roof, & 1984. She started working with FUSE Theatre Ensemble as both an actor and costume designer in 2013 & became an ensemble member in 2017.

Work with Kids

Mask Making, Circus Art, & Puppetry Playshops

Flower Design

Weddings & Live Events

Event Decor

Immersive Events Set Design, Altars, & Wedding Decor

Doula Work

Loving Creation – Stewarding Art & Life